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Mrs. Bumbleberry’s Garden

In this illustrated children’s story, one little girl who has just moved makes a new and unexpected friend and learns an important lesson about friendship.

Mrs. Bumbleberry’s and the Ark

Katy enjoyed getting to know Mrs. Bumbleberry in Mrs. Bumbleberry’s Garden. But now it’s time to make some new friends. She gets that chance at church summer camp, but she’s worried about going. “Oh Katy, don’t worry,” Mrs. Bumbleberry tells her. “It’s normal to be nervous when you meet new people. Just remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you’re nice to them, most people will be nice to you.” She learns the hard way.....

Mrs. Bumbleberry’s Surprise

This is the third book in the Mrs. Bumbleberry series. It continues the story of Katy and her neighbor Mrs. Bumbleberry. In this story Katy is excited to find a surprise package waiting for her on the porch. She goes to help Mrs.Bumbleberry in the garden and meets friendly Mr. Hank. While getting a bag in the shed Katy sees a shadow cross over the window. Someone is in Mrs. Bumbleberry’s garden who isn’t supposed to be there. Who is.....

Mrs. Bumbleberry And The Scare Noise

Katy and Andi spend the night with Mrs. Bumbleberry. They are almost asleep when they hear a noise. Katy looks around but there’s nothing to see. Then they hear the noise again. What is the noise and what should they do? Trina comes to protect the girls and they find out the noise is Trina snoring. The next morning Mrs. B tells them they don’t need to be afraid, God is always watching them. They spend the day helping Mrs......

The Legend Of Willie Lump Lump

Willie Lumpteron goes to the airplane factory to see Uncle Rupert. He gets too close to the secret formula and falls in the tank. Later Willie wakes up sitting by a pond next to Dunklin, a big box turtle. The turtle hasn’t grown, Willie has shrunk. He also meets an energetic chipmunk named Figbee. Dunklin and Figbee help Willie find out why he is so small and why no one seems to be able to see Willie but the animals......

Mrs. B Goes To The Sea

Katy and Mom are going with Mrs. Bumbleberry to visit her sister, Miss Eunice. Miss Eunice lives by the ocean. During their visit Katy meets a little girl named Lydia. She and Lydia become friends while they build sand castles and collect shells. Katy also discovers there are daily blessings to be found if she takes the time to look for them.

Mrs. B, Substitute Grandma

Field trips are fun, especially when a wagon ride is included. But to ride the wagon Katy and Andi need an adult so Mrs. Bumbleberry goes along. On the field trip the children pick apples and run through the corn maze. They also learn the value of working together and and how to treat others.

Mrs. B’s Christmas Tree

Christmas is quickly approaching and Mrs. Bumbleberry has two surprises for Katy. She tells Katy that Miss Eunice is coming to visit for the holidays, and the children are going to perform at the Children’s Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve. Katy’s excitement mounts as Christmas gets closer. Finally Miss Eunice arrives just in time to pay a visit to Appleton Farm’s Christmas display, and see the children perform their special Christmas song.